Redstone Research provides a wide scope of services with the benefit of a small company atmosphere to better fill our clients’ clinical research needs. Our team of experienced professionals are ready for your trial and are committed from start-up to close-out. With our understanding of the clinical trial process and our dedication to make it more efficient by improving communication and resourcing, we feel confident that we are the best choice for executing your clinical research trials.


Pre-Trial Process

We value the importance of adequate planning as the first step in any project or trial. Our experience has shown us that good planning leads to good results. Reviewing the trial and organizing a plan beforehand reinforces our ability to provide services efficiently with accountable results.



  • Phase I-IV Complete Clinical Trial Management
  • Site Recruitment
  • Study Start-Up
  • Subject Recruitment
  • Creation and Maintenance of Central Files
  • Site Selection, Initiation, Interim and Close-Out Visits
  • Protocol and ICF Development
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Biostatistics
  • Establish & Modify SOPs
  • Query Resolution
  • Drug Shipment & Accountability


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